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“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ Close protection officers (CPOs), or bodyguards, keep clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance. Their work includes:

  • Protecting their clients from threats of physical violence.
  • Checking out premises, such as hotels, restaurants and theatres, before the client arrives.
  • Installing surveillance equipment.
  • Surveying the layout of venues, noting potential hazards and exposure to risks.
  • Accompanying the client on business and social trips.

Threats to clients could come from a range of sources including terrorist organisations, political opponents, stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans. Their clients may also face acute dangers, such as kidnapping attempts. “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ CPOs are often contracted to work for people in the public eye, including:

  • Royal families.
  • Foreign dignitaries.
  • Diplomats and politicians.
  • High-profile business people operating in potentially hostile places.
  • Legal professionals, such as barristers.
  • Sports, music, film and TV celebrities, and their families.

Specialist duties may include residential security, making sure the client’s premises are secure. Although much of a CPO’s time can involve periods of inactivity, “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ CPOs  constantly alert and ready to respond to a threatening situation. To achieve this, “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ CPOs liaise constantly with other security professionals. “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ CPOs may work in teams, using specialist communication equipment to maintain contact.

Close protection officers work around their clients’ schedule, which will vary depending on the length of contract and their clients’ work and leisure activities. Offering 24-hour protection, it can involve early starts, potentially lots of travelling, maybe abroad, and late nights accompanying clients to functions.

“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ CPOs work both indoors and at outdoor venues, such as rallies, meetings, conferences and premieres. Public outings, such as shopping trips, can be arranged at short notice.

“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ CPOs spend long periods standing in a fixed security position, sometimes seated overnight outside a hotel room. Travelling for long durations in cars, trains and aero planes is normal.

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