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“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Our diverse skill-sets and global resources enable our experts to manage projects from inception to completion. From securing counterfeit goods along the supply chain to running drills to protect executives in unstable locations, our prompt-response one-stop shop capability delivers the best services along the whole continuum of security risk management.


Experts with backgrounds as diverse as our clients’ needs

“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ team, veterans from various military organizations and law enforcement agencies; and experts in related operational disciplines such as finance, security and crisis communications.


Our knowledge and insight translates into best practices and proven strategies that will help you anticipate and respond to innumerable facility, operational, and employee safety challenges with confidence. We have tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in many fields of security risk management and security, like education, private sector, family office, healthcare, hospitality and transportation,


Because security risks are interconnected and ever-evolving, count on “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ for expert advice on the widest range of security services to manage organizational or individual risks. We have global experience with private clients and businesses in virtually every industry and provide a wide range of risk mitigation services.

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