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“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ lifeguard is a professional responsible for keeping people safe in and around water. Lifeguards work in a variety of environments including swimming pools, water parks and beaches & open water. “Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ lifeguards and Security staffs are registered and licensed with the Security Industry Regularity Agency (SIRA). Our staffs are trained in first aid and come from a multitude of backgrounds, Armed Police and Military and are of varied nationalities.

“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ lifeguard are committed to,

  • Maintaining a professional attitude in keeping with the department’s mission.
  • Maintain the safety of patrons in and around the pool.
  • Communicate and enforce pool regulations and rules in a personable and professional manner.
  • Communicate any potentially dangerous elements of the facility.
  • Deliver excellent customer service to all that utilize the facility.
  • Perform patron surveillance using all senses while guarding.
  • Work as a team with other lifeguards during special events.
  • Record daily participation numbers and complete daily activity reports.
  • Tests the water record results, and report imbalances.
  • Set up pool for various activities such as laps, classes, etc.
  • Maintain a clean pool (clean area, notify maintenance, etc.).
  • Handle all incidents UNLESS it is LIFE THREATENING. Recommend that all injured patrons seek professional medical attention.

“Royal International Security Services L.L.C’’ lifeguard are focused,

  • Communication
  • Rescue
  • Observation
  • First aid
  • Teamwork
  • Supervision
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